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Which FND_USER is locking that table | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Friday, 09 February 2007
This is a quick note to share a SQL that will tell you the FND_USER.USER_NAME of the person that has locked a given table in Oracle APPS.

The column named "module" will tell you the name of the Form Function or the Concurrent Program Short name which has aquired a lock onto that table.

SELECT c.owner
      ,fu.user_name locking_fnd_user_name
      ,fl.start_time locking_fnd_user_login_time
      ,vp.spid AS os_process
FROM fnd_logins      fl
    ,fnd_user        fu
    ,v$locked_object vlocked
    ,v$process       vp
    ,v$session       vs
    ,dba_objects     c
WHERE vs.sid = vlocked.session_id
AND vlocked.object_id = c.object_id
AND vs.paddr = vp.addr
AND vp.spid = fl.process_spid(+)
AND vp.pid = fl.pid(+)
AND fl.user_id = fu.user_id(+)
AND c.object_name LIKE '%' || upper('&tab_name_leaveblank4all') || '%'
AND nvl(vs.status
      ,'XX') != 'KILLED';

Comments (3)add
written by Anil Passi , April 14, 2007
In that case you need to grant select priveleges to that schema, for the tables in the SQL

written by zokho , July 15, 2007
in which schema i can find fnd_user table?

written by Anil Passi , July 15, 2007
Hi Zook

It is in applsys schema, however there is a synonym of exactly the same name in apps schema. Hence Synonym apps.fnd_user points to table applsys.fnd_user

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