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User Productivity Kit in Oracle | Print |  E-mail
Written by Rathan   
Saturday, 09 February 2008

Oracle's User Productivity Kit is a simple tool provided by Oracle to capture the navigation or the transaction which the user is to be educated with and reproduce the very same transaction in various formats.

A transaction can be anything starting from applying a leave to applying for a loan through company .
You can capture as many frames as u want ( Just like a camera allows you to capture a picture, this is also very same to use ) .
For ex : In payroll module if you would like to run a Payroll Run process through concurrent Program, then with the help of UPK you can capture the whole process right from the point where the Payroll Administrator logs into the application to running the payroll process and view the results through payroll process results.
After you have captured the transaction ,UPK allows you to edit the process flow captured and reproduce the same process both in animated format and document format.

Animated version will be in following formats :
a) Player Package Format Image
b) HTML Web site Format
c) LMS Package Format
d) Standalone Topic File Format
All the above mentioned files can be viewed through a player called “ON DEMAND Player“ which you will be able to use once you have installed Oracle UPK.

Document version will be in following Formats :
e) Business Process Document
f) Job Aid
g) Test Document
h) Output to Test Director
i) Training Guide
j) Instructor Manual

As you can observe UPK provides an option with developing and publishing a single transaction in multiple formats , without wasting much time.

Main Advantage of UPK
  • It also allows training and support personnel to create interactive software simulations and other instructional materials.
  • These simulations allow users to see and interact with an application even before they have access to it.
        This allows people to learn about software before a system is put into production and users can learn how they will be able to
        view their roles and transactions prior to the system “Go Live”.
  • While the use of UPK greatly increases the efficiency of actual content recording and editing
  • With the addition of prebuilt content for UPK, the effectiveness and quality of that development is greatly enhanced.

Please find a white paper that shows the basic setups involved in getting started with UPK
Click here to access this white paper

In coming days I will be explaining more on this as it will help in understanding the
importance of using UPK .
Rathan Kinhal
Comments (22)add
licensing for UPK ?
written by Herbert , February 09, 2008
Is there a separate licensing for UPK ?
Licensing in UPK
written by Rathan , February 09, 2008
Hi Herbert

Yes UPK has a separate licensing.
written by Sreedhara , February 11, 2008
Any trial version is available
written by Rathan , February 11, 2008
Hi sreedhara

Trial Version of UPK is available but you need to check with Oracle OPN.
Solution Consultant
written by Nethi , February 22, 2008
Hi Sreedhara,
You can download the trial version of UPK from the oracle website http://edelivery.oracle.com it is free of cost.


Sim Builder
written by Nethi , February 22, 2008
There is one more product from oracle which is called simbuilder similar to UPK.


Trial Version of UPK
written by Rathan , February 22, 2008
Hi Sreedhara/Nethi
Trial Version will not have full functionality compared to the licensed one ,..Nevertheless a good way to get introduced to the tool.

Sim Builder
written by Rathan , February 22, 2008
Hi Nethi
It would be Really Great if you could introduce all of us to the Sim Builder functionalities.
written by Nethi N Rao , February 22, 2008
Hi Rathan,
The UPK which u download from edelivery.oracle.com is the product delivered to customers. We can download the upk and use it for self development if you want to use it for commercial use then u need buy licence.


written by Rathan , February 22, 2008
Hi Nethi
First thank you for the insight, and where do we get the Sim builder trial version ?

written by Nethi N Rao , February 22, 2008
Hi Rathan,
you can download the simbuilder version from http://edelivery.oracle.com and give your firstname,company name,email id etc.. and then select the product pack as "siebel crm" and then it displays list of the siebel softwares from that list select "Siebel SimBuilder Release 7.8.5 Media Pack v1 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)" and could you please help let me know how to contribute new article in this website .

Thanks in Advance
Sim Builder
written by Rathan , February 22, 2008
Hi Nethi
Thanks again ,....ya i know about edeliver.oracle.com , functionality wise Sim Builder is similar to UPK or does it has any edge over it.
Well to contribute to this website please write to anilpassi@gmail.com
,..I appretiate ur initiative .
Keep up the spirit.
You could also write to me at kinrathan@gmail.com or add me in ur list
written by Yemfola , February 26, 2008
Hi Rathan,
Thank you for this piece. Please do you have any training manual on how to use it? I was able to download version 3.

Training Manual
written by Rathan , February 27, 2008
Hi Yemfola
You will be happy to know that i am prepaing a manual to help people understand the functionalities of UPK in an easy format with lots of screen shots.
I would be dealing it topic wise like one week it will one form of reporting for example : first week generation of video play package. Next week in word format , Like that.

I thank you all for showing much intrest in my article.
Keep up the learning spirit.

Training Manual
written by Eva , March 06, 2008
Hi, Do you know any Outsourcing Company that offers this tool to the Clients ? (
Progress Bar
written by Satti , March 17, 2008
Hi Rathan,

I've developed some UPK content. Do you have any idea about how to add progress bar to move between slides (screenshots) for the PlayerPackage's player.exe file.

Thanks & Regards,
UPK Latest Releast
written by Sreedhar Reddy , March 17, 2008
Hi Rathan,
Any idea to cover the latest release of UPK 3.1.7. This looks totally different from earlier versions and sounds complicated with server client versions, the localization aspect as well as the library. It will be great if you can cover this indepth.
1) Progress bar
written by Rathan , March 17, 2008
Hello Satya
Well regarding Progress bar, If u could describe the scenario more i would be able to help you .
UPK Latest Release
written by Rathan , March 17, 2008
Hello Satya
The latest release is same as the previous version just that there are few new functionalities , i will surely cover it in coming days.
Seek Bar
written by Satti , March 19, 2008
Hi Rathan,

Thanks for you reply.

Sorry! That is not Progress bar. It's seek bar similar to the seek bars we find in media players at the bottom. Do we have any chance to embed this seek bar (which will help us to take us to any frame and continue simulation from there) into player.exe file?

Thanks & Regards,
Seek Bar in UPK
written by Rathan , March 19, 2008
Hi Satya
As far as embedding seek bar is concerned i do not think we can introduce that . Anyway i shall try it out again for you.
( One more thing is if we add seekbar it will become VIEWLET not UPK FILE. )
RE: Seek Bar in UPK
written by Satti , March 20, 2008
Thanks a lot Rathan.

It'll be of great help to me.
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