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Steps to create Descriptive Flexfields [DFF] in a Custom Forms | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Another rocking article from Vijay Dhapola that details the steps to create Descriptive Flexfields [DFF] in a Custom Forms  in Oracle eBusiness Suite.

Vijay is an Oracle Applications Technical Consultant with expertise in Reports, Interfaces, Workflows and Data Migration on Oracle Apps.
Many thanks to Vijay for making another valuable contribution to the Oracle Apps Community.


Link for Adding Descriptive Flexfields in Custom Oracle Forms [Detailed Step by Step Approach]

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written by Shireen , August 08, 2007
Very useful and detailed article. Thanks a lot!!
written by praveen dhoundiyal , August 08, 2007
Compilation of article is done very inteligently, it's really very helpful
written by praveen dhoundiyal , August 08, 2007
Compilation of article is done very inteligently, it's really very helpful
written by Rakesh.Apps , August 08, 2007
Its nice to read this article.But at the last i.e at the form level some info is missing for the new developers in DFF.

written by Ledu , August 08, 2007
Awsome article man ..I was searching this for long Realy helped me a lot ..Thanks for sharing such a wonderful knowledge ..
written by Rajendra , August 08, 2007
Very good article.....your work is much appreciated.
keep up the good article posted.
written by sreedevi uppisetty , August 08, 2007
Excellent, It is very clean and clear, and can be easily implemented without issues.
Thanks to Vijay for posting such a good material.
written by Suresh Gaddam , August 10, 2007
Hi, Thanks for the article, its very good and helpful, please could you let me know how to call workflow from OA Page
written by Anil Passi , August 10, 2007
Hi Suresh,
Although there is a class in java named WFEngineAPI.java which has a method named launchProcess. However there isn't much documentation on that class.

Hence I suggest a quick and easy approach:-
1. From Controller call a method in AM
2. Inside AM, get handle to jdbc, and use CallableStatement to kickoff pl/sql API to begin workflow.

Anil Passi
written by Pratik , August 20, 2007
Really good doc. Its very much helpful.

written by Manojkumar , August 23, 2007
Hi Anil, could you please send me the pdf file as an attachment, because the pdf file we are downloading contains all junk charaters....
written by meena singh , August 26, 2007
very good article. well explained. thus very helpful thanx.
written by srinivasM , September 15, 2007

Excellent article, its really helpful

written by shruthy , September 19, 2007
hai all

iam new to this forum

i tried to read some articlel from the link "http://www.anilpassi.com/apps/demo/misc/Create_Descriptive_Flex_Field_DFF_In_Custom_Form.pdf"

but iam not able to open it

can any one pls let me know why this?

written by Anil Passi , September 19, 2007
Hi Shruti

Looks like your ISP is blocking www.anilpassi.com ?

Please try from your home internet connection, this should work, as i am able to access this link.

Anil Passi
written by avni , October 04, 2007
g8 work vijay...
Keep rocking with such new topics.

written by swapnayen , October 25, 2007
Hi Vijay,

This is really good and very very clear.


written by Khushi , December 14, 2007
HI Vijay

great job...
how to create a DFF in an oracle table
written by A Hassan , February 24, 2008

The article is very useful. Can you tell me how can I create a DFF for INVTTMTX Form Version : 11.5.239 in a MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS. Please guide me through the first steps.
written by jyotsna , March 06, 2008
can you please paste the text of this link in your website. My company blocks this. I have no idea why .Whereas I can open all other articles of yours . but this link and video tutuorials are blocked.

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