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Preparing for R12 Installation on RedHat Linux | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Thursday, 15 February 2007
I am a big fan of virtual machines. This article is the first step towards building a Release 12 instance on VM using Red Hat Linux, for the development team to play around with. Although the steps are self explanatory, I will still explain these for folks who would like to get started reading something visual. We are currently on 11.5.10 on RH Linux Enterprise 4. So to try R12 for educational purposes, first we need to build a O/S shell.
Why R12 on VM? So that we can trash it or replicate this R12 instance to create new R12 development environments just by copying the VM files across.

In this article, I will cover the steps to install Virtual Machine for Linux RedHat Flavour. Another beauty of building environments onVM is that you can use Windows GUI to do all initial operations.

Where do I install R12 from?
From http://edelivery.oracle.com
This website is free, so long as you use the software for educational purposes.
Note:- This article is merely to indicate the steps needed to install an Linux Operating System, which will be the stepping stone to  install R12 latter.

What are the steps to build a Virtual Machine for RedHat Linux?
1. Copy the 4 Disk Images of RH Enterprise 4 Linux on hard disk RHEL4-U3-i386-AS-disc1.iso ,2.iso, 3.iso and 4.iso.
2. Create new VM using WMWare Workstation
3. Create new VM using VM Workstation for Linux RH Enterprise 4 [its important to select the correct version here at this point].
Hence the option that you select here must correspond to your version of Linux.
4. I gave a space of 280GB for R12 as I would need vision instance too, to play around with.
Note:- I am not allocating any space at that moment for VM.  Hence both the check-boxes in VMWorkstation for space allocation were left unchecked.
5. Added 4 CDs in sequence [ Type IDE]. This is done by selecting Edit VM Configuration. Effectively here we create four virtual CD-ROMS mapping each Virtual CD to .iso files of Step 1
6. Start VM
Hit ENTER when prompted to run install in GUI mode. Note:- I didn't use text option.
7. You will be prompted to "Test the CD drive". I suggest you do not skip this step, and ensure that your CD Test results with a PASS
8. You will be prompted to Automatically or manually partition. I selected the option to Automatically Partition
I was prompted that all data in /dev/sda will be lost. Nevermind, I clicked OK, as this was a new machine being built from scratch.

You will be presented with a screen similar to below.

Click on Next, when you see the below. Let the boot directory be default /dev/sda

Ensure that Network devices are activated when your O/S boots.

I decided to enable the firewall, and also selected all the four checkbox options as below

Next you are promoted for location and password.
I Selected location at UK-London
And also, selected the root password as x123x123 [just an example]

Select Next when you receive this message

You will then see O/S getting installed as below

Next you will be given a prompt for welcome.

In response to below, you will enter the Subscription Credentials for your enterprise for RH Linux.

This will complete the installation of RedHat Linux, paving way for R12 installation.
However, you will notice a very resolution on your Linux virtual machine.
To increase resolution, you will need to install VM Tool, for which the steps are listed below

Once VM Tool for Linux has been installed, you will see your RedHat as below

Comments (8)add
written by venkat , February 16, 2007
you are the best
this is what i was looking for.


P.S. Can you also tell me where can I download
RH Linux Enterprise 4.
written by Anil Passi , February 16, 2007
Hi Venky

RH Linux Enterprise 4 is not free.

But your company would have purchased licenses for a pre-agreed number of Installations of RH4. You should be able to install this within your company, so long as you do not exceeed the number of license installation copies agreed with RH.

Alternately use this link for 1 month trial copy of software https://www.redhat.com/rhel/details/eval/

written by venkat , February 16, 2007
If I install RH Linux Enterprise 4 on a virtual machine and then install apps R12 on it, can I be able to
access apps from my windows machine on which the virtual machine has been installed. if yes, then how? because you will have the hostname ip as in both the machines. I am new to the installation procedures. Will you cover these in your next posts?

thanks a lot for what you are doing to all the people who are trying to make a career in oracle apps.
written by Shobha , May 11, 2007
Hi Anil

I wanted to Thank You for all the information you give us. I am planning to go back to work after 10 years being a homemaker. I used to teach (Cobol,Foxpro,C,Oracle)before that. I am currently learning HRMS(Adv. Benefits module). I wanted to install Oracle APPS for learning purpose on my computer having Windows XP. I downloaded the files from edelivery.oracle.com. I dont know what to do after that. Do these have the vision instance.
Can you help me?

written by MOhmmed Shaikh , August 22, 2007
Hi, I am trying to install R12 on my home PC. I have installed Red HAt linux 3. Can you please advice. I am a New Bie to Oracle application and want to practice on home PC.
written by MOhmmed Shaikh , August 22, 2007
Hi, I am trying to install R12 on my home PC. I have installed Red HAt linux 3. Can you please advice. I am a New Bie to Oracle application and want to practice on home PC.

Mohmmed Shaikh
written by Anil Passi , August 22, 2007
Sorry Mohammed, Not sure if you will get all the necessary RPMs with Ver3
I never tried that, hence no ideas.
Linux 4 is available for free download anyway, from Oracle's website.
written by Atul Kumar , October 06, 2007
Good one check more R12 installation at

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