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Personalization link does not appear despite setting profile | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Saturday, 15 March 2008

There is a slight undocumented feature in OA Framework Personaliziations.

You need to enable a personalization link against a user, by setting
profile option “Personalize Self-Service Defn”.

Action taken by you
You went into the System Administrator responsibility and assigned a value of Yes to
profile option “Personalize Self-Service Defn” for desired user.
However, user reports that they still can not see Personalization links.
Also, you notice that it is quite random, as in some cases, you do notice that
personalization link appears straightaway after setting that profile option.

Reason behind this
We know that profile options are cached. Sometimes old value of profile value is retrieved
from the cache. Hence you might be required to bounce the Apache server or
Global Cache for this profile option change to take effect.
This can be quite frustrating.

Instead of using System administrator, use responsibility named “Functional Administrator”.
It is noticed that if you change profile option value for “Personalize Self-Service Defn”
from this screen, then change made to this profile option value takes
effect immediately.

Steps are
1. Firstly ensure that your username has Functional Administrator responsibility

2. Search for the Profile Option, via Tab Core Services, and SubTab “Profiles”

3. Update the value of Profile Option to Yes for User Level or for the site level.
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Enable Personalize Region
written by kishore Ryali , March 15, 2008
Hi Anil,
Though we enable the admin personalization by setting "Y" to "Personalize Self-Service Defn", sometimes we dont get the link to Personlize some regions.

For Example: I tried to personalize "Approval Sequence" table in Requisition Notification, but I didnt find the link to personalize the table when I click on "Personalize Page" link.

I had set the value "Yes" to another profile
"FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled" which enables the personalize link on all regions. Default value would be "Minimal" for the above profile.

written by Anil Passi , March 15, 2008
Hi Kishore

Thats a good point. "FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled" should also be set to Yes.

Again, in order to overcome caching issues, this profile too could be set via "Functional Administrator" responsibility, so that changes to this profile takes immediate effect.

Anil passi
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