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Oracle Technical and Apps Functional Demo | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Wednesday, 07 February 2007

Sharad Prasad sent me an email with a wonderful link to many of Oracle Apps Demo's

Please visit the link below, it contains Database Concepts and Functional Concepts for various technologies/modules. Very useful information indeed.
Demo of various Oracle database and Oracle Apps Functionalities

Many thanks Sharad, for sharing this with everyone.

Please feel free to email me any other links that you have found to be helpful. It will be a pleasure for me to share that with everyone.
Comments (23)add
written by Florin Barbalau , February 08, 2007
very good indeed and useful. many thanks.

written by sreedevi u , February 08, 2007
I am not able to view the demo after clicking on the links. it shows nothing.
pls help to resolve this issue
written by Venkat , February 24, 2007
Hey, You are doing a great job...
I love you for this site.
The link for the demo is not completely accesible. It asks for PIN number at times.
What should I do. I have a CSI no. at max. I donno if I am permitted to use it...Is it safe to use it. Please suggest how can I have access to these demos..

Thank you very much & regards
written by Anil Passi , February 24, 2007
hi venkat

that link is not hosted by me, I am simply refering to an external page. Most of the tutorials listed there work pretty well without asking for a PIN, but I appreciate some of those links may require a PIN Number.

anil passi
written by ajay singh , March 15, 2007
i m ajay singh from mumbai . i have 3 years exp . i have exp sql,pl/sql d2k and oracle apps technical 11i . i want to do the project but unable to get the project from compnay in oracle apps 11i technical .i want to do the practice at home also in free time . but unable to get software . and how to load on system. please tell me . and
written by Anil Passi , March 15, 2007
for functional work, you will be able to try setups and other configs on stayahead.com
they have hosted a vision instance of R12

but you will need a CSI number to register.
written by dushyanth , May 11, 2007
Hi Anil,

The link which sharath sent is good but Oracle apps CRM links are not working

written by uday , May 27, 2007
Thanq Mr.Anil Passi,
Your site is really helping a lot to learn apps. but i need to learn more can u pls send material of oracle apps technical and also about inbound interfaces.
uday kumar
written by Anil Passi , May 27, 2007
You Uday

Please be specific, what kind of interface you wish to build, data volume, frequency, exception reporting techniques, data sets. Please give you requirements so that a practical solution can be suggested

written by saurabh srivastava , May 31, 2007
hi anil ..very usefull tips and articals .plz send us more
written by saurabh srivastava , May 31, 2007
Hello Anil .
how are you . for oracle apps you have provided very good and easy going topics .could you please provide some easy understanding tutorials for pl/sql. and oracle 11i ...thankx and regards
written by Ramesh , June 18, 2007
i unable to open this link. It takes more time to open then finally endup with server busy/slow msg.
written by Anil Passi , June 19, 2007
These are hosted on a external machine over which I have no control. Hence these links are not 100% reliable

written by srinath , October 06, 2007
How can I save these demos on my PC for later use.

Much appreciated

Functional Lead
written by Rushikumar Patil , October 17, 2007
Well! tried to explore, but unable to open the page.
Live project on Apps HRMS
written by shilpa s , December 19, 2007
Hi Anil,

I know that you are busy in this month. You know, I mean to say that, my mind didnt stop me asking this quesion Could u pls send me one project how a conversion happens Oracle ERP frm the legacy system... Let me know the life cycle and the role of functional consultant.. Please mail me the info at shilpahrms@gmail.com
Apps functional demo
written by Kapil Karwal , January 22, 2008
Hi Anil

I am a new in Oracle Apps and come to know the functional demo link on your site . I think this demo link is not working nowadays . Kindly update the corrcet / alternate link at the earliest .
Please mail me the info at kapilkl@yahoo.co.in

written by Sevdinur , January 24, 2008
I am not able to view the demo after clicking on the links. it shows nothing.
pls help to resolve this issue
Broken link
written by Femi , January 25, 2008
The demo link is broken. Please could you fix this? Thanks again for your continual knowledge dissemination
demo link
written by Subodh , February 20, 2008
Hi Anil,

The link doesnt seem to be working.Is there any alternate url ?
not able to view
written by chakradhar.kuna , February 26, 2008
Hi Anil,
i learned lot of things from this site. Can you please send some documents to know the relations between the OM and inventory and BOM . I'm having the Reference manual to inventory and BOM and OM but i'm not able to understand. and Can we customize the order managemnt system means the ordertypes means our own ordertypes and our own workflow..
Link not working
written by Lalitha Thiagarajan , February 27, 2008
Hi Anil

I have been learning Oracle Apps for a month now and recently came across ur site. It is very helpful and I really appreciate ur efforts.
This particular link is npt working. Can u please fix it so that we all can make the maximum
utilization of the resources available......

written by Ramanarayana Reddy R , March 07, 2008
Hi Anil,
i have good 3.6 exp on sql and pl/sql and forms. Now iam strictly decided to work on ERP like Oracle Apps Tchnical.

is easy to learn, if so how many days it will take to learn,if i put 100% effort.

Please refer best links for Apps tech and demo links
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