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Multi Org R12 | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007
You all know by now that Multi Org model in Oracle Release 12 will be changing. They call it Multi Org Access Control. I would like to explain to you the reasons behind this change, and how this will impact you. I will also explain to you how this will not impact you at all [if you don't wish to use MOAC- Multi Org Access Control]
For those that are not familiar with pre-Release12 multiorg model, you must read Link Basics Of Multi Org. That link explains how the current multi-org model feature works, i.e. prior to Release 12.

Credits Reference Link : Whitepaper on User Group Site
Please reference this link for the screenshots of Multi Org Access Control in R12

Business Reason for this change
Four years ago, I was tasked to design a Payables Invoice scanning process that had following requirements:-
1. My client had 100s of legal entities and organization units.
2. They wanted to receive all paper payables invoices at a central location. Effectively, they would have a single Address where invoices for all the Legal Entities/Operating Units were received.
3. All the invoices would be scanned at that central location.
4. The scanned images were then placed in a queue that were  then keyed(typed) into the system by Bangalore Team(their shared service

Here lies the issue:-
Scanned Invoices had ţo be first sorted per operating unit.
Why? Because, there was a different "Payables Clerk" responsibility for each operating unit. The poor clerk had to switch responsibility depending upon which operating unit the invoice was being entered against. Also it will never be possible to force all your suppliers to post their invoices to XML Gateway. Hence clerk had to ensure that each paper invoice is coded/entered into the right organization/operating unit.

How does Oracle Release 12 come to the rescue here?
In R12, the clerk will no longer be a "poor clerk", because they will no longer need to keep changing the responsibility for different legal entities. Here lies the strength in the design of Oracle Release12, it caters to the need of Shared Service solution.

Does this mean the payables clerk responsibility will have access to all the operating units?
This is possible now in R12 if that's what your business needs. You can assign a node of organization hierarchy or a list of operating units to your responsibility. Effectively, you are now able to assign multiple operating units to a single responsibility. This is made possible either through Organization Hierarchy or by an Organization List.

This sounds very much like HR Security Profiles as we saw in link
Oracle HRMS Security Profiles ?
True, in fact Oracle Release12 multi-org model uses Security profiles (so I am told). Read this linked article above to get your concepts on HRMS security profile clear.

Does this mean, a security profile will be attached to responsibility as profile option?


What if I don't wish to implement this enhanced feature? Will this break my existing multi org setup?

Oracle is great when it comes to upgrades. Unless you implement security profile feature, your multi-org will keep working as pre R12.

Will R12 multi-org access control still populate org_Id column?

Of course. Each record will still remain tied to an individual org.

Can we re-use security profiles that we defined for HRMS?
I suggest you keep MultiOrg security profile separate from HRMS security profile, as HR security profiles also cater for positions and various other hr related attributes. We will know this once MultiOrg Access Control gets launched.

Coming back to payables clerk, while keying in the invoice, how will they attach specific invoice they key that invoice against a specific
operating unit?
By entering value in the operating unit field in the screen. Prior to Release12, this was a hidden column. But now all screens that use security profile multi-org will have an enter-able field.

Oh dear, an additional field to be entered by the user in R12?
Not really, if you wish, you can specify default operating unit per responsibility. This too by means of a profile option.
Name of profile option is [i don't know yet], but it exists, so I am told.

So, we have two new profile options?

Indeed, one for attaching security profile and other for default org.

What happens to dbms_client_info.set_client_info(101)?
This will become redundant functionally. Use mo_global package instead. This package already exists in 11.5.10 instance. And if you open this, you will find this using Row Level Security. Technically I think dbms_client_info.set_client_info will still work, but will produce unexpected results if you have enabled the MultiOrg Security Profile feature too  .

How does this effect my customizations?
Statement 1 :- If you have hard-coded client-info command, then obviously that will no longer work[with disclaimers, but I think so will be the case]
Statement 2 :- Also, if you have been using fnd_profile.org_Id, that again will not work.
Both statements above are false if you decide not to implement Multi Org Access Control feature in Release 12.

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written by Kevin , January 25, 2007
Good stuff. Thanks.
written by Anil Passi , January 25, 2007
Hello Balaji,

Have a look at this powerpoint presentation.
It even provides screenshots for this feature of R12

The above link is from Oracle User Group, and powerpoint gives other useful information on R12 too, like Subledger Accounting.

In powerpoint, there is are screenshots of Security Profiles being used for multi-Org. But keep in mind that Oracle can change this design if they wish. Based on powerpoint plus contact friend in Oracle, I prepared this document

Anil Passi
written by syed , January 30, 2007
Hi Anil,

I have 3+ exp in oracle apps (payables,gl,iStore,ascp), Now i want to update my knowledge in HRMS module. But one of my friend say who is working in one good company there is no use to learn now HRMS module, because after some time like 2 years there is no future for oracle apps HRMS,

The reason he says peplesoft HRMS is going to rule oracle apps HRMS ......... Now iam in big confusion please tell me if i learn HRMS (ORACLE APPS) now is good or not and also tell me which are important areas of HRMS.....LIKE payrol, cost analysis.

written by Gayathri , February 21, 2007
Grreat Anil!!
written by Anil Passi , March 02, 2007
Hi Nemai

Please try again, it should be fine this time.
You might find that the site is slow, but the pages are still loading up.

Anil Passi
written by Anil Passi , March 02, 2007
Hi Nemai

Please try again, it should be fine this time.
You might find that the site is slow, but the pages are still loading up.

Anil Passi
written by Nemai , March 02, 2007
Hi Anil,
no page from http://getappstraining.blogspot.com site is opening. Could you please look into this.
written by dushyanth , May 11, 2007
Hi Anil,

Your articles are great . Can you do some articles on CRM it would be Great

Thanks ,
written by yogita , June 12, 2007
hi anil,
i am just thankful to you,
i was just madly looking for differences in 11i & 12i release apps, hrms module specific.
this is really helpful,

thanks a lot,

written by yogita sarang , June 13, 2007
hi anil,
thanks for this information.i was checking against hrms modules specific the differences in both the release. it really helped me.

written by yogita sarang , June 13, 2007
hi anil,
thanks for this information.i was checking against hrms modules specific the differences in both the release. it really helped me.

written by Ramkumar , June 22, 2007
hi anil,

i need major difference between oracle apps 11i and realese12.
ALL forms,reports and OAFramework is same or any thing change.

written by Anil Passi , June 22, 2007
R12 and 11i
Forms - Same
Reports - Same
OA Framework- Same except some new features like LOV Favourites and SWAN based UI.

SWAN is a marketing word, all it is, well, its just a new skin, that can be built using stylesheets.

In 11.5.10 in CU2+ you can create new skins very easily.

Hence for developer, there is no much difference, except for multi-org.

Yes, 10g version of jDev is used, but core concept of BC4J in OA Fwk remains unchanged in R12.

Forms is still being used in R12, although we will see their demise when Fusion arrives.

Anil Passi
written by h.pati , July 20, 2007
thanks for u r information,can you please explain in multi org with multi set of books and if it is single sob how can we attched with this in diffrent countryes operation.
written by Milco Numan , August 24, 2007
Hi Anil,

Forms/Reports for R12 are now 10g instead of 6i; as far as OAF is concerned, this is now running in OC4J (10gR3, JDK1.5) instead of Apache JServ.
Concerning MOAC: MetaLink note 420787.1 may be interesting for the technical details (although it's primary focus is using MOAC in custom applications).
written by raje , August 31, 2007

I am raj interested in learing Oracle financials
written by Prashanth Chowdarapu , September 13, 2007
Hi Anil,

I am little confused of Multi-org setup in R12. I understand there are various new things came up in GL, like Data Access Sets, Ledger sets, Accounting Setup Manager, etc..
I appreciate, if you could provide me the steps in sequence for Multi-Org setup in R12.

R12 vs Fusion
written by Shantan Lingala , November 01, 2007
Hi Anil,

Great work on so many useful articles. It's a tribute to you that even Google seems to have recognized your articles because whenever I look for something on Oracle Apps, Google brings up your site almost always in the top 5. Great job!

I'm writing to ask a question about R12 and Fusion. Is Fusion a separate product from R12 or is it a substitute for R12? I mean, can customers implement both R12 and Fusion?

Thanks in advance for your reply,

written by Anil Passi , November 01, 2007
Hi Shantan

Fusion Apps and R12 are two totally different products.

However, I still think the Fusion product will inherit many of the Current R12 Functionality, except of course for the methodologies for development and tech stack.

Oracle Apps journey to R12 has taken 15yrs, and hence such product can not change within a short span just because it now has a new name called Fusion Apps.

Anil Passi
Multi org rel 12 setups !
written by Oracle Consultant , November 12, 2007
Hi Anil passi,
very useful article indeed... there is also a presentation on how to carry out a multi org setups in rel 12 in a site called Erpstuff.com ! this might be useful to other members as well !

Impact of Mulit_org
written by Paul , November 29, 2007
Hi Anil, Thank you for all your knowledge sharing, very much appreciated.

I read your doc on Mulit Org and would like to know if could share your thoughts for what we have in our company.
The company I am working has over 20 countries in Asia, AMEA, NAM, etc. and as you can imagine we do have over 100 org define, one for Assets, Inv, Legal, etc. and looking at each record history in the setup screen of 11.5.10, I notice that all are in an HR_organization_V VIEW.

Is it possible that you could share with us what we may expect as an impact of upgrading to R12.

Thank you
written by Anil Passi , November 29, 2007
Hi Paul

The impact could be either 0 or significant.
This depends upon whether you really implement MOAC.
Implementing this new model is optional, hence you can carry on with the 11i style.

a. If you do not setup the MOAC Profile Options, then multi-org will continue to work in 11i style.
b. Even if you implement MOAC, then non of the standard Oracle Database Objects will be impacted. That impact will be taken care of by the upgrade process.
Yes, user training, and re-definition of responsibilities etc might be required.

Perhaps I should come up with a MOAC Impact paper, as plenty of code change could be required id you move to MOAC.

Having said so,MOAC will have very little impact on HRMS module.
Anil Passi
PS:- I am assuming that you have considerable custom views and processes.

written by Paul , November 29, 2007
Hi Anil, thank you for you rpormpt response on Multi-Org,

Yes we do have considerable custom views..

On a second note, given the complexity of the global organization we have and number of countries we serve. We are contemplating on upgrading to R12 for our future release.

We have a Procure to Pay implementation and deal with multiple countries, multiple currencies and multiple SOB, taxes and etc.

What would be the most significant impact of SLA on our configurations?

Once again, thank youfor sharing your knowledge

- Paul

R12 Custom Forms for MOAC
written by Ravi Nuka , December 22, 2007
Hi Anil,

Im developing one custom module with several forms in R12. If I want to design it in support of MOAC. what are the steps should I follow in addition to the 11i forms development in my forms?

Multi-Org Tables and Views in R12 - A comaprative study with 11i
written by Praveen kumar chandrasekaran , February 04, 2008
Hi anil,
I am In R12 project,i want to know in r12 till the views are
there or not,if so what is the purpose of the views,as in 11i fnd-client_info pkg is there as it seprates the data based on the operating unit,in R12 still the fnd_client-info pkg is existinf,if so what is the use of it,if not then how the views are created and how the datas are captured with respect to different operating units,please explain me in brief.

C.Praveen Kumar

oracle apps architecture.
written by subbu.kethari , February 04, 2008
Hai anil,

Ur doing good job. ur given suggesitions are so helped for me.i have one request for oracle apps 11i architecture and R12. Please give in detail....

Thanks and Regards,

More R12 features
written by David Haimes , February 09, 2008
Your poor payables clerk will also see another new field on the form - Legal Entity. In R12 a new Legal Entity Set Up for Finacials is introduced. There are a number of articles on this and it's impact on my blog.


the above is a good starting point

blog: http://davidhaimes.oracle.com
Multi Organization setup on release 12
written by ferry , February 13, 2008
what a great short sharp article.
btw, on multi org setup release 12 - do we still need to run compile multiorg via $adadmin command, or it doesn't need compile multiorg anymore?
thank you.
Reg MOAC in R12 Custom forms
written by pooja , March 09, 2008
Hi Anil,

I'm developing custom forms in R12. I would like to implement MOAC in my forms also. Request you to let me know the steps that have to be follwed in order to do the same.

Steps for Multi Org Custom forms in R12
written by Anil Passi , March 09, 2008
You need to do the following:-

1. Create a field to Capture OrgId
This field will have LOV based on mo_glob_org_access_tmp
However I advice you look at LOV for this field on a standard Form too
You also need to default a value into this field from user preferences/default.

2. Create your custom tables with _all in custom schema

3. Create synonym for custom table in apps [without _all]

4. Apply Row Level Security to this synonym

See this link for details http://oracle.anilpassi.com/mo...sign.html

5. At the time of insert of records, simply pass the org_id value from field into the insert statement.

Anil Passi

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