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Issues with this website | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Saturday, 30 June 2007

I received an email from WebHosting company that my site is eating too much of their CPU/RAM resources. Looks like very soon I will need a dedicated server to run this site.

During  the weekend, I upgraded the software of this website, as I was running 1year old version of software.
This has broken some features of this site.

My Email is :- passi DOT anil @ gmail DOT com

Thanks for your patience,
Anil Passi
Comments (12)add
written by Varun , July 02, 2007

Got the link from one of the Forums while searching for O2C n P2P flows. It will be very kind of you to make the related docs available for my refference Regards, Varun
Link to that article
written by Anil Passi , July 02, 2007
Oracle SSHR Problem
written by SAMRAT BANERJEE , July 02, 2007
I am Samrat Banerjee is undergoing an Oracle apps11i training in the hrms module . I have a very specific problem regarding Oracle Self service .

The problem is while i am creating any employee with Sel-Service HRMS module follwing errors are shown

The HR person attached to your FND_USER does not have a valid work flow role. Please contact your system adminstrator

Could you please suggest the solution to this problem

Thanking you

Oracle SSHR Problem
written by Anil Passi , July 02, 2007
Have you attached a Employee to FND_USER record?

If yes, then consider below
Run this SQL, does it return anything, replace my username by yours

SELECT status, start_date, parent_orig_system_id AS user_id
FROM wf_local_roles
WHERE parent_orig_system LIKE 'FND_USR'

If no record is returned, but you still have FND_USER record, then run processes below
Synchronize WF LOCAL tables
Sync responsibility role data into the WF table.
Synchronize Workflow User/Role Relationship Summary
Synchronize Workflow Roles

Anil Passi
some hints
written by samrat banerjee , July 03, 2007
sir as a fresher in ortacle hrms functional consultant i want to know from you what are the essential requirements to get mastered for the eligibility of applying to companies for functionalk consaultant i am not technical although i haved passed my M.C.A. but i want to shift my domain from technical to functional i think thats where is my expertise so please can you help me in this regard as to how to prepare , i have taken training in oracle apps 11 i in banagalore frfom the same university in navigation, core hrms,compensation workbench and payrolls for usa what more has to be done for that , it will be very knid ofg you if u can guide me.
thank u
samrat banerjee
written by Anil Passi , July 03, 2007
Hi Samrat,

I wish you all the best with your job hunt.
For functional work, the most important thing is to understand the capabilities of the ERP system, its integration with other modules, and its configurability options.
That is the most important aspect, because I think its relatively easy to pick up the business knowledge by interacting with the user.

Bottomline is that a Functional person has to map the business requirements with the system, and document the gaps where applicable.

There is another discussion thread on this topic at link http://getappstraining.blogspo...-apps.html

Anil Passi
written by samrat banerjee , July 04, 2007
Thank you sir for your comments but i just want to share with you that i am technical persdon with MCA as qualification and i have an nack towards functional aspect of the apps 11 i hrms so i think i am apt for this could u please help me in humting jobs as hrms functional consultant jobs in india as well in uk since i have 2 yrs of experience if u tell me i can post my resume to you as well so that u could have a better idea of my domain expertise on the subject

thank you
written by Anil Passi , July 04, 2007
Please email your resume to resume @ apps2fusion DOT com
written by samrat banerjee , July 06, 2007
did u get my cv sir
written by Rachna , July 06, 2007
Hi Anil,

Do you have anything on Advanced Product Catalog?


written by manikandan , July 06, 2007
Sir ,How to customize a po form to display the inventory organisations of a particular operating unit.
written by Anil Passi , July 06, 2007
Hello Mani

You can use Forms Personalization as show below

Anil Passi
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