Customization and Development Book
Written by Anil Passi   
Sunday, 10 May 2009
About Oracle Apps Development Book

Last few months, I have been extremely busy with writing a book about Oracle E-Business Suite development techniques including the concepts, examples and the best/good practices.

Vladimir Ajvaz[Vlad] and myself started to work with Oracle Apps some years ago. I surely remember the pre-Metalink days, and in the beggining, Metalink didn't have the wealth of information it has now.  Initially, customers had to telephone Oracle helpdesk to raise a Service Request [called TAR in those days]. Google didn't exist back then, and when it did arrive there was hardly any quality information on the web relating to Oracle Applications. Later we saw the explosion of information with numerous portals related to Oracle Applications. However, information about Oracle Apps development techniques is still largely unstructured on the web.

Therefore Vlad came up with an idea to consolidate our consulting experience in a single book. Vlad worked for Oracle in UK for almost a decade, and large part of it was in the role of a consultant for technology development practice of Oracle Consulting. He has worked on many projects within Pharmaceutical, Transport, Public Sector, Media, Retail, Utilities, Financial and other industries before joining Imperial College in London.

I had previlige of working with Vlad at Imperial College. To me, the idea of writing the book about Oracle Apps customizations was very close to my heart, and I immediately accepted it. After some initial some brainstorming, we nailed down the structure and the flow of the book that would contain concepts and working examples for every major technology used in Oracle E-Business Suite. All these concepts are sugar coated with practical details of upcoming technolgy in E-Business Suite.

After a few months of late night and weekend writing, we finally managed to complete the manuscript.

You can Order this book from Amazon US site, using this link on image as shown below