Discoverer 4i to Discoverer 10g Migration Steps
Written by Chandra Matta   
Monday, 26 November 2007
Oracle Corp. recently(one year back) decommissioned it's discoverer 4i and it's previous versions.
This triggered many companies to upgrade from Old versions of Discoverer to Discoverer 10g.
Some time back, I got an opportunity to lead such kind of project with one of my clients.

The objective of this paper is to upgrade the discoverer to the latest supported version.

This paper covers the following topics
  •     Installation and configuration of Oracle Application Server 10g on apps environment
  •     Application of required patches.
  •     Import of existing reports into Discoverer 10g.

Important Notes:
1. Discoverer 10 can be implemented in two models.
         a. Standalone Installation
         b. Oracle 10g AS with Infrastructure
   My client selected "Standalone" method. So my and papers talks about - Standalone, but not Oracle 10g AS with Infrastructure

2. Some companies use Noetix views and many companies may not have implemented Noetix.
         a. If your client is not using Noetix views, you can ignore the step - "Noetix Upgrade" in this paper.
         b. In my project, it involved Noetix upgradation also.

Steps In Brief
Noetix Upgrade [Optional]
Application Patches   
Oracle Bi 10g Installation And Configuration
Configuration With E-Business 11i   
Port Information   
Patch Application On Oracle Bi 10g
Eul Migration   
Pre-Installation Tasks   
Db Schema Creation And Import
EUL Upgradation   
Post-Installation Tasks
Audit Trail Reports   
Rollback Plan   

Steps in detail
Click here for the document that explains the steps to migrate to Discoverer 10g
Note: The above pdf might take a minute or so to download

Supporting Documents
Please click on below links to access these documents


Noetix Upgrade Document  




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HI Chandra
written by saurabh srivastava , November 27, 2007
Hello Chandra,
You have given a wonderfull and ultimate document for this ...this is really very helpfull.
I am also working on discoverer 10g but I am new to this only 4 months old .I want one help from your side .I am looking more n more different kind of report to work on ,so if you can provide me some example reports thru that i can practice in this with all he step tht will be good for me ...and can i have your mail id ,coz i m having any problem then i can ask from you
with regards
saurabh srivastava

Migration Help
written by Dexster , November 27, 2007
Hi Chandra/Anil,

First thanks for the nice document, it really helped me a lot to understand the exact path, there is one question left out in my mind, in my case- my client is having 3i with noetix and now they are moving to Discovere 10g, now the main problem is they dont want to use noetix anymore in 10g instead if it wants the same functionality with 10g BI, can u please help me how to create BA's and there related folders to come out fron this issue.
HI Chandra
written by Chandra Matta , November 27, 2007
Saurabh srivastava,
I am thinking to provide another paper, which will give basic and advanced steps to create discoverer reports using Discoverer 10g tools.
Will work on it and provide you asap.


written by Nath , November 27, 2007
Hi Chandra Matta ,

Thanks for a very good document , but i have a question.
Can you please suggest me how can i submit discoverer as a request on Oracle application.(like submit oracle report)
Can it work together like this or discoverer can just use oracle application database.

Thans alots.

Migration Help
written by Chandra Matta , November 27, 2007
Hi Dexter,
> for the first question.
- Migration from Discoverer 3i to 10g is a two step process.
You first need to miigrate from Discoverer 3i to 4i and then Discoverer 4i to 10g.
> 2nd question abt. Noetix
- There is no shortcut) to get Noetix views into Discoverer 10g. If your client no longer want to buy Noetix views. Bad news. smilies/sad.gif
- I think you have to analyze existing noetix system and re-design /create complete Business Areas and Folders in it.

Not sure any alternate solution is available or not. Raise TAR and see, what Oracle says abt it.


Discoverer Reports from Oracle Apps
written by Chandra Matta , November 27, 2007
Hi Nath,
There is one article in this site, which will articulate how to create discoverer report and the how to register it in Oracle as a form function..

By doing the way, it described in above paper,you can access the Discoverer report from the application as on demand report.

See if it serves your requirement.

Reg:Issues occur on Dicoverer and FSG reports
written by prasad.Bonagiri , November 29, 2007
Hi anil,
Let me know the possible Technical issues on discoverer and Fsg Reports,while upgrading from 11.5.10 to Release 12 and what is Noetix reports
invoke discoverer on ebs
written by Nath , November 29, 2007
Hi Chanda

Thanks very much for ur document link.

I have more questions , I did create discoverer report and followed your document step.
when i signon application and run discoverer report from the menu , i faced this error
Authentication Failed.
(Default or specified schema containing EUL tables is inaccessible )
what should i do , please sugget,
Pls where should i save my work book , on database or on my computur.

Thanks alots

HI Chandra
written by saurabh srivastava , November 29, 2007
Hello Chandra
Thankx a lot for your reply.I will definitly wait for your upcoming documents.And here one more thing i like to ask you from that can all kind or types of report cand be build from discoverer or for some reports we need to develop thru report builder.
Reg:Issues occur on Dicoverer and FSG reports
written by Chandra Matta , November 30, 2007
Hi Prasad,
I din't work much in FSG reports. Not sure it's impact in 12i.
Coming Discoverer - I don't think there will be many surprises, when you migrate to 12i.
It is very much streamlined, Look and feel and BI directgion is clear now. May be apllication of couple of patches will take you there.

invoke discoverer on ebs
written by Chandra Matta , November 30, 2007
Hi Nath,
Check system profiles(discoverer related) in your EBS. I think few profiles are missing or wrongly set. I have listed required profile settings in my paper. Verify and use them in your application.

You should save your workbooks in database.
You can't access workbooks which are saved on your desktop, using EBS.

And..., now many the companies stgrongly discuraging having workbooks on individual desktops.
reasons could be..
1. Users required Discoverer-Desktop versions to access workbooks on local machines.
2. Discoverer-Desktop versions .. involves licensing issues.. your company should spend some money to buy licenses.
3. Users create their own,multiple versions for a single report. In a long term, Discoverer reporting system end up in big mess.
- Strong and Valid reason.

In my previous project, I had to clean up(removal of duplicates) lot of reports. They had around 800 reports, In which only 300 are original ones.

4. Maintanance is easy for Tech/DBA teams.

There could be more issues..

HI Chandra
written by Chandra Matta , November 30, 2007
There is no thumbrule to say which tool(Report Builder/Discoverer) is used to develop specific kind of reports.
Both has got their own advantages and disadvantages.

Discoverer Tool and Reports - is a analytical tool.
Users, once they run workbook and get the data, they can play around with data and can do lot of analysis.
For this, they rfeally don't require techinical skills.


HI Chandra
written by saurabh srivastava , December 03, 2007
Thankx a lot for the reply ....Chandra rite now i am working ona project in whcih we have to use discoverer reports as well as report builder also .So if i need any help from you so can i ask you any time .....regarding quesry problem or report problem ..

query problem
written by sonu , December 13, 2007
Hi, chandra ,
In discoverer can we use view .rite now i m writing a query in which i m using table and view both .but in discoverer i am unable to do that.
plz solve this problem
Accessing EBusiness Suite
written by Jagdeep Sethi , December 14, 2007
Hello Chandra,

First of all I will like to thank you for providing such great document. You are the best!! Do you have screen shots of how the EBusiness suite will look after 10g is installed in Standalone setup? Can you please send me those? I will be much obliged.


query problem
written by Chandra Matta , December 20, 2007
Hi Sonu,

Yes, we can develop discoverer reports based on tables and views.
Normal practice is like this..
1. create a custom table or view in custom schema(ex: cusar,cusap etc)
2. create a public synonym in apps scema for the above created custom object(tables and/or views)
3.Make sure that your eul schema( the schema which is hosting your discoverer tables ) should able to execute the synonym you created in apps( in step#2)

If you follow above sequence of steps during your development, your tables and views should be visble and available for discoverer report creation.

Ideally eul schema should have read-only access to all apps tables/views/any other objects.

Let me know if you still face any problem in this regard.


Accessing EBusiness Suite
written by Chandra Matta , December 20, 2007
Hi Jagdeep,

I couldn't understand your question.
Do you mean, how to integrate discoverer with EBusiness Suite or how to access discoverer reports from EBusiness suite.

Could you please give me more details around your question. So that I will try to address it.


regarding Discoverer query
written by saurabh srivastava , December 24, 2007
Hello Chandra,
Thankx a lot for the solution,i want to share something , i have created custom folder only and while interfacing b/w tables and view first i did like this
a = b and
b = c then automatically
a = c rite ..when i did this it was saying "query caused no data to be retrived"
then i did this
a = b and
b = c and
c = a after doing this it works properly and i m getting my output correctly ..
heer i want to ask weather this is complusary in views or i have done something wrong.

Discover 10g
written by reddy , January 03, 2008
Hi Chandra,

i too facing the same problem as you did with your last client, my questions is how we can save all the workbooks which are saved in local desktop to database, for example i have 10 workbook which are saved in pc, now i want to save that workbooks into db, as when looking into discover plus, i couldnt see these 10 workbooks which are created in local pc.
Discover 10g
written by Chandra Matta , January 05, 2008
Hi Reddy,
To save workbooks into database, which are on desktop currently, you need to use Discoverer Desktop tool.
With this version of discoverer tool, you can access reports which are saved on desktops and reports which are available in Database as well.

Let me remind you once again..about each version of discoverer tools..
1. Discoverere Admin - is a windows/desktop installation, to do admin related activities .. i) create/edit/delete business areas and it's objects ii) security related grants/permissions to users and/or responsibilities... iii) ,

2. Discoverere Desktop - is a windows/desktop installation, to create/edit/delete workbooks.
And save workbooks on local machine or database.

3. Discoverere Plus - with all features of Discoverere Desktop minus save workbooks on local machine.
This is not a windows installation. It's a webbased application works with browser.

4. Discoverere viewer - Only to view workbooks. No create/edit/delete features.
You can edit very few features of workbook with this tool.

Hope this helps..


need advice
written by kalyan v , January 12, 2008
Thank you very much for this awesome document .It was very helpful to me .One quick question. I have implemented on 9i db which come discoverer 4i .
1)can you please let me know if i can follow this document to upgarde it to 10g discoverer.?
2)i dont have stand alone server and i am planing to use a different mount point other than oracle server .may i know if i have install bi dsicovere 10g on existing 9i applnode or admin tier. i am just little worried if it messes up with any existing apache on appl node.

Please advice at the earliest and thanks you very much for all the efforts you are putting to share with us your knowledge.

Re: need advice
written by Chandra Matta , January 12, 2008
Hi Kalyan, Thank you for the feedback.

Let me understand you correctly..
You are on Oracle 11i( and database as 9i. But when it comes to Discoverer part, you are still on Version 4i.

If this is the situation, Yes.!! you can use this document as a reference. May be very patches may or may not required to apply.
For this, you can just raise SR with Oracle and request them suitable prerequisite patch set for you.

Once you reach the base patch level, then you are Good to Go.!!

Let me know if you have any questgions.!!


TOI infomation Required
written by Greesh , January 14, 2008
Hi Anil,

I am working on upgradation from 11 to R12 on GL module.Could you help me in finding TOIs(Technical Functional).I am not able find TOIs information on metalink.Please see the document note for your reference-

Upgrading to Release 12: 414710.1

Oracle General Ledger Documentation Resources, Release 12

Doc ID: Note:396911.1 Type: REFERENCE
Last Revision Date: 16-FEB-2007

Transfer of Information (TOI) Online Training

*First-time TOI users: follow these setup instructions
Functional TOIs

Provides information for users on how to set up and use the new features included in base Release 12.
Benefits of new features from a business perspective
Details on product dependencies and interactions
Links to additional resources

Technical TOIs

Contains information about changes made to existing Release 11i features in base Release 12.
Describes the changes made to database objects, profile options, forms, reports, programs, workflows, lookups, and seed data.
Please upload some R12 docs on your portal in this regard.I will be very thankful to you.



written by Teresa Koo , February 07, 2008
Just saw your blog today. I have a few questions about discoverer upgrade also.
We are on client version discoverer 3.1* and e-Business Suite on database 9i. We created our own view to feed discoverer.
We are planning to upgrade our database to 10g and then upgrade discoverer to it latest version. I read several notes about upgrade discoverer. Most of them said to upgrade from 3i to 4i then discoverer 10s. But none of them mentioned if database can be 10g before upgrade discoverer. We have an unique situration which we must upgrade the database from 9i to 10g first, then upgrade discoverer next. Can you give me some advise and share your thought?


written by saurabh.s , February 14, 2008
HI Chandra,
I m using discoverer 10g and i have register one report to oracle application .but it is showing error tht authentication failed(Default or specified schema containing EUL tables is inaccessible )" .. ..i have tried all the possible ways but still it is not coming can you plz tell me the soultion .....

written by saurabh.s , February 14, 2008
HI Chandra,
I m using discoverer 10g and i have register one report to oracle application .but it is showing error tht authentication failed(Default or specified schema containing EUL tables is inaccessible )" .. ..i have tried all the possible ways but still it is not coming can you plz tell me the soultion .....

written by Chandra Matta , February 14, 2008
Hi Saurabh,
Do you able to access and run this report from discoverer? If yes, then there should be some problem with profile settings in your Oracle EBusiness suite(Apps).

I replied earlier to this kind of question. Kindly refer to above posts.

Re: programmer
written by Chandra Matta , February 14, 2008
Hi Teresa Koo,

As you mentioned, upgrade path in your case is - 3i to 4i then discoverer 10s.
I don't think you will have any problem with your database versions.
You can proceed as per your plan.. first update database to 10g and then discoverer to it's latest version.

In discoverer upgradation process, it overrides the EUL tables and/or create new ones. That's all. It doesn't matter in which DB version you are using etc.


written by Chandra Matta , February 14, 2008
This is further to Saurabh's reply..

Make sure that the DB user, which is holding EUL must have the following database privileges:


The database user must also have a default tablespace. (This must not be a temporary tablespace)


written by saurabh.s , February 15, 2008
HI chandra ,
i m able to register my report to oracle application but when i run that roport then viewer4i is opening and there i m getting this msg = authentication failed(Default or specified schema containing EUL tables is inaccessible )" ...i have tried all the best ways ..can you plz guide em thgat wht is the problem and for tht wht is the solution.or if u can give me ur gmail id so i can talk to you and aclearify my doubts .

Discoverer Reports
written by Datta Padval , March 09, 2008
This article is awesome for discoverer reports.
I develop reports in oracle reports and I am new in Discoverer report.
Can you please send me fundamental & basic document on developing discoverer report.
Pls mail me the document on
Your Help will be appreciated.
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