Interesting Facts about India
Written by Anil Passi   
Monday, 29 October 2007
Reading an article in Bloomberg magazine presented me with some Intriguing facts about India.
It was a pretty long article, so I have collated the stats presented in that article.
India-  1.1 Billion
China- 1.3 Billion
USA-   0.3 Billion
Average economic growth of India in past 3 years
% Population in India that is aged 24 yrs or lower
% Increase in number of millionaires in India in 2006
% of Adults in India that are Illiterate
% of Indians aged between 18 & 24 that are enrolled in "higher education"

Note: In developed world, it is 45%
% Attrition rate in IT Industry in India in 2005
% of population that earns annual household income of less than $1,970/- per year or $5.40 per day
Average % Wage increase expected during 2007

Population that is Middle Class [ $4K to $22K disposable income]

Note: Doubled from 25million in past decade
% Literacy rate, for people older than 15yrs
As per stats in Year 2000

Note: In China this is 90.9% and in USA it is 99%
% of households in country that does not have safe drinking water [as per 2001]
Education spending as % of GDP
India 4.0%
USA 5.1%
China 2.1%
Pupil to Teacher ratio
India 40:1
China 19:1
USA 14:1

Some other facts
Infosys aims to hire 26,000 employees in year end 31 March 2008. Infosys spent $145 million in training its employees in the year that ended March 31.
IT Companies in India altogether spend upto $1.5billion in training its people.
Tata consultancy, plans to add 5000 people in Mexico, given the skill shortage within India.

Rs 9Lacks per annum salary in India equates $115,000 in USA. on the basis of purchasing parity[Mckinsey Report]

Fate of education
An employee at call centre, after few yrs of experience can earn Rs30K per year. This is twice as much of the University Lecturer.
University Grants Commission is effectively discouraging teaching as a profession.

In year 2007, 235 Graduates from IIM Ahmedabad received 493 offers from 91 firms.
Off these 493 offers, 120 were from overseas [up from 86 in year 2006].
Students accepted 64 of the foreign offers, at salaries as high as $300,000

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Will you be one among those who make a difference!
written by swathi , November 01, 2007
Hi Anil

I always wished i could teach a lot and lot of students . The work you are doing is a noble act . Inspite of your professional endeavours , i ponder over your desire to RELAX AND BE ORDINARY ...Truely Extraordinary. After taking a few strides into your site i feel so professionally inspired by your pure insight into the JOB you do.

India ...indeed intresting facts ..Every thing about our country is indeed Extraordinary..but all indians seem to have some where learnt to RELAX ...

I like your helped me in my preparation for a job....thats exactly how i was as a student ...i used to make notes for my friends detail...some day planning to write a blog like you ....


So called Apps Consultant
Swathi..wish to be like you :-)
written by Anil Passi , November 01, 2007
Hi Swathi

We never forget that song....Honge Kamyaab, Hum honge kaamyaab

And about India, the stats in the article [illetracy rates, pupil to teacher ratio] prove that our journey has just started, which means this is not the time to relax.

Lage Raho !


Apps DBA at GE
written by Rakesh Chandra , November 21, 2007
Hi Anil

Today is my first day to open and read your blogs. I am sure i would be doing it again and again. and for the blogs like this i will be waiting.
Lage raho and keep writing these blogs more and more.

Thanks & Regards
Rakesh Chandra.
written by Jessica rorke , January 29, 2008
Thi Doesnt Give Such Good Facts On India. Not Good Enough. smilies/undecided.gif smilies/cry.gif
written by Anil Passi , January 29, 2008
Hi J,

Just like any other country, India is a mixed bag too.

It is important to realize the deficiencies in the system, so that those can be worked upon.

And then, who says that running away from reality is a good thing to do.


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