Basics of Accounting in Oracle ERP/EBS
Written by Sivakumar Ganesan   
Thursday, 05 July 2007
I would like to provide input about accounting concepts to Oracle Consultants and as a First step I prepared the attached Document for the benefit of Oracle Community Members who are not aware of Accounting.
The Document below is Level I of Accounting with reference to Oracle set up like Business Group, Set Of Book, Legal Entity etc.
I will also prepare Advanced level Document and then buid a Test case for Mapping the following in Oracle Applications
a) Loading of Opening Balances
b) Create Transactions in Procure to Pay, Manufacturing and Order to Cash Cycle for a Confectionery Industry and the Accounting Transactions.
c) Get the Closing Trial balance and Financial Statements from the system

Click the below link to Access the First article in the Series of "Accounting in Oracle ERP"


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written by Radhika , July 09, 2007

Please tell me how to create "update Button" in the notification page.
written by Soorianarayanan , July 09, 2007
Hi Siva

It is nice to know the basic fundamentals of accounting. It is very interesting. Look forward to know about the Level II accounting.

written by Shri Kiran , July 09, 2007
Hi Sivakumar,

Great article I hope you will continue to write many more like these


written by Anil Passi , July 09, 2007
Hi Radhika

Please can you elaborate your requirement so that I can think of some solution.

If your intention is to call a pl/sql, then a post notification pl/sql can be attached to Notification activity of the workflow

Anil Passi
written by Bhavesh , July 12, 2007
Great article. Waiting for level 2.. And more specifically how to find out wether an account is nominal or personal etc?
written by kishore P , July 14, 2007
Hi siva,
These Fundamentals are excellent and so refreshing. Pls go ahead with next level

written by Sivakumar , July 15, 2007
Dear Friends

I am getting lot of mails asking for level II of the Material. Please note I am also working for an important Implementation Project. Hence hold on for few more days till I complete my Level II presentation and Publish it.

Thanks and Regards
written by Rajesh Thakur , August 02, 2007
Hi Siva,

Accouting concept level I is very useful article. Can you please upload the level II also.
Very good work!!!. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

Best regards,
written by manasi , August 03, 2007
Hi Siva
Thanx for that
Waiting for your 2nd level presentation.
Can u please explain the personal a/c with example.
written by Arun Reddy , August 29, 2007
Hi Siva,

This is a very good document for those who are work as Technical Consultants.

Arun Reddy
Wow, thats it !
written by Abdul Rahman , November 20, 2007
Dear Sivakumar Ganesan,

Your ppt is simply very simple, lot of industry must have gone into it, you made accounting sound so simple, wish you best of luck in your future endeavour keep up the great work dude.

Abdul Rahman

Good Job
written by Vijay akella , November 26, 2007
Nice work Siva, can you make a flow chart for this doc
Fantastic docs
written by ShabbirMala , December 17, 2007
Hello Mr Siva ,

Very clear and simple ,yet full of right information .
thanks for spreading Accounting and Oracle info .
Happy New Year .

Ora Consultant
oto kiralama
written by adana oto kiralama , December 25, 2007
thanks man
written by adana oto kiralama , December 26, 2007
thanks man
oto kiralama
written by adana oto kiralama , December 27, 2007

thanks man
written by Deepthi Nair , January 05, 2008
Thanks you Anil And Siva . This site is so good..especially for newbies like me. God bless u and ur entire team. Please keep continuing the good work.

Warm Regards
written by Sunil Shinde , February 11, 2008
Hi Siva
Many Many Thanx for presenting the bascis of accounting. Helpful for the layman to understand. Waiting for your 2nd level presentation.
Can u please explain the real a/c , Nominal a/c personal a/c with more example in details.

Nice &simple
written by suddi , March 14, 2008
HI siva,
That was really nice for non accounting backgrnd people to understand spllyy person like me asu mentioned i alwys curse smilies/angry.gif....thnks for this ppt and loooking forward for the next level of accounting .
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