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Important Payroll Screen | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Saturday, 23 December 2006
I spent some weeks supporting Oracle Payroll four years ago. It was then when I fell in love with a single screen in Oracle Payroll. I call this screen the most important screen for an Oracle Payroll Troubleshooting, as this provides a starting point for your investigations.

This screen gave me the starting point to investigate following types of questions:-

1. Why did Oracle Payroll calculate xyz value for this Payroll Element?
2. Why did an Employee get costed for $ABC amount against XYZ cost centre?
3. What were the debug messages generated from Fast Formulas during Payroll run for this assignment? 

I am not saying that this screen gave answers to all queries, but it provides a snapshot of run results, costing breakdown, debug messages, balance etc...all from one screen, for any employee assignment (assuming security profiles permit). Have a look at the screenshot to appreciate this screen.


The name of this screen is "Assignment Process Results". Its under menu  named in HRMS or Payroll Superuser responsibility.

To navigate to this screen
Responsibility : HRMS Manager or Payroll Manager
Menu :
View/Assignment Process Results
Alternately, once in responsibility, do control L, and search for %payroll%result%

The usability of this screen:-
1. You need to know the assignment number of the person. Enter that and tab out
2. You must know the payroll period name.

You will always be told that xyz thing is wrong about a persons payroll run during say month of February. Hence you will know the period from there.
With these two Fields, you will have the payroll run and costing etc information at your fingertips. You will begin most of your investigations from this screen.


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written by Padmanabhan , March 21, 2007
Hi Anil,

I have just completed my oracle apps HRMS Functional training.I am totally strucked with the Payroll modules.If possible plz send me the screen shots for Payroll.

written by sudha , March 30, 2007
Iwant to create a Basic Earnings earnings element and a PF contribution deduction element. I want to calculate the Fast Formula for the PF contribution so that it is always 12% of Basic. The input value should not be user-enterable.
written by Anil Passi , March 31, 2007
Indeed your methodology of fast formula to calculate 12% will work.

So that I understand your question, do you want to make a input value read-only?
written by Aneel , May 31, 2007
Hi Anil,

I appreciate your efforts. It will be good if you can place Payroll process results screen details also. Most of the Payroll issues will be resolved either of these forms.

Where to start ??? HRMS Functional Career
written by Shilpa Reddy , October 06, 2007
Hi Anil,
I am a MBA graduate(06 passed out) and my bachelors is BCA(03 passed out). From that time I was interested to work on Oracle. Iam working as a HR exec in an MNC. Finally I did my Oracle HRMS and started practicing. Suggest me some measures to do effective practice..
written by Anil Passi , October 06, 2007
Hi Shilpa,

You should try to get hold of a vision environment where you can do setups for a business process. The article in link http://oracle.anilpassi.com/hr...br100.html may help.

However, importantly learn Oracle Payroll. Its only after you have learnt Payroll can you then move onto to modules like OTL.

To begin with, try to setup a BG, poition,grade etc, employee & assignment and run payroll for that person. Next expand that into writing some balances, fast formulas.

If you can do this, it will give you a lot of confidence to face any interview.

Anil Passi
written by Atmaram , October 16, 2007
Hi Anil,

First let me apperciate your help which I had from your screen. I am so thankful to you as I resolved one of PROD ISSUE. And now I'M inneed of some more information About Payroll screens and what work does it do. I am totally strucked with the Payroll modules.If possible plz send me the screen shots for Payroll. I am Technical person. But I have taken a job that supports HRMS In production recently. So I am having some difficulties....Hoping to hear from u soon. you can send me material at atmaram_p@hotmail.com.

Essentials of a payroll functional
written by Gargi B , November 21, 2007
Hi Anil,
I have been working in an Oracle Apps HRMS enhancement project from the last two years as a technical associate.
I would like to shift to the functional side of HR & payroll.
I would like to know the essentials of a payroll functional, i.e., if there is any training or any materials u can suggest.
Looking forward for your reply.

Thanks & Regards,

written by BALASAHEB , January 11, 2008
Hi I am fresher .so tell me What is Step by step Procedure to Learning the Forms and repots .
DBI - Database Intelligence
written by Maheshhyd , March 12, 2008
Hi Anil,

i would like to know the set up pre requisites for DBI...can you please help me out.

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