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How to send HTML Based Notification by a mere PL/SQL Call? | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
How to send HTML Based Notification by a mere PL/SQL Call?

To see a notification as below.
If there is an email attached to the WF Role of recepient, then an Email will be sent out to that recepient with the contents as shown below.

Run the API, as shown below

  n_not_id INTEGER;
  x_email_address         => ''
  ,x_user_name            => 'PASSIA'
  ,x_notification_api_id   => n_not_id
  ,x_message_type        => 'TEXT_AND_QUERY'
  ,x_process_short_code=> 'TEST'
  ,x_message_subject    => 'Annual Return 2001'
  ,x_response_lookup_type => ''
  ,x_message_text         => '___________________________________________________________________________________________________
<CENTER><b><font size=+1>Annual Return 2003</font></b></CENTER>
Each member of Company must respond, whether full or part time.
To be completed even if the return is zero</b><b></b>
<p><b>Full Name </b>Anil Passi
<br><b>Employee Number
This return covers the period between 1 August 2002 and 31 July 2003. The
information you
give should relate to this period only
<p><b>During this period have you occupied a position of Director, Partner,
Consultant, Trustee or Trader?</b>
  dbms_output.put_line('n_not_id: ' || n_not_id);
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Recommendation requested.
written by Michael Clayback , February 27, 2008
We are using Oracle TeleSales and would like to send an email notification to the sales rep when an opportunity status is updated to ready for quote. Calling the pl/sql api from a forms personalization sure looks like the most efficient way when compared to Alerts or Custom Workflow. Any recommendation?

Thanks - Mike
written by Anil Passi , February 27, 2008
Indeed, you can use the generic API that I have contributed to open source to achieve the desired result.

Anil Passi
written by Anoop Dangui , March 03, 2008
Hi Anil,

Is this a custom API? or a seeded one ? Can we use this in any of our user procedure?
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