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GL Interface API to Import Journals | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Please find below an API for creating Journals in Oracle General Ledger ( GL ) . I had developed this API in year 2002, and I have used this for three of my clients.

The idea behind this API is that you do not need to program for:-
1. Inserts to GL Interface ( GL_INTERFACE )
2. The validations required for Oracle GL Import
3. Submission of GL Import

Features of this Oracle GL Interface API are:-
1. It will ensure that the credit equals debit
2. It will submit GL Import when parameter p_submit_gl_interface is Y

For the source code for these API's click on the links below:-
GL Import API Package Header
GL Import API Package Body

Usage of this API
(p_sob_id => --Set of Books Id
,p_batch_header_id => --header id of your feed
,p_trx_header_id => --sub header id of your feed
--or leave this to be the same as above
,p_trx_line_id => --line id of your feed
,p_date => --effective date of the journal
,p_currency_code => --currency code of the journal
,p_amount => --journal line amount
,p_dr_account => --GL CCID of account to be credited
,p_cr_account => --GL CCID of account to be debited
,p_journal_name => --Journal Name to be created
,p_header_description => --Journal Description to be created
,p_line_description => --Journal Line descriptionn
,p_success_flag => b_success_flag--boolean returned to show if errored
,p_first_record_in_batch => v_first_record_in_batch --pass Y for First Record in batch
,p_submit_gl_interface => v_is_last_trx_line --Pass Y submit for last line of batch
--when Y it will submit the GL Import
,p_gl_user_je_source_name => --user_je_source_name
,p_gl_user_je_category_name => --user_je_category_name
,p_trx_number => --trx_number

Comments (11)add
written by Rohit Naphade , February 16, 2007
Hello Anil,
Please accept my hearty congratulations for developing a very very good and useful site. Not a single day has passed since I cam to know abt ur site without visiting it. I have one question.What are the validations that must be done during journal Import?.

written by jotheeskumarnair , May 05, 2007
Hi Anil

Thanks for creating such a wonderful platform to share the knowledge. Anil can use post some documents about Trnasfer the data from the subledgers to GL and What all are the things to be taken care while doing this.?


Jothees Kumar Nair
written by Girish Bajaj , July 04, 2007
Hi Anil,

First of thanks alot for such a wonderful pool of knowledge and help.

Anil I have the requirement from the client for the Drill Down report for all the Control Accounts, similar to the Account Inquiry Form where in you can drill down to the last source, are there any reports available in Oracle GL Module, I dont know as I am a Supply Chain Consultant, but would appreciate if you can help me out with this.

There is also a requirement for showing the Vendorwise Balances for all the vendors for a given period, which will be drill down of the Total GL Balance of that Accounts.

So there are two different requirements, Kindly update me how can I achieve this.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Girish Bajaj.

written by Raja Ramesh , July 07, 2007
Hi Anil

U done a good job for developing a gl interface API. But iam not getting how i have to use this one.

Please explain me briefly. what are the parameters i have to pass to this api.

Thanks in Advance
Raja Ramesh

written by Anil Passi , July 08, 2007
Hi Raja,

You have to get hold of the package header and packagebody in scripts4oracle website [link provided above]

Next, you need to use parameters similar to as shown for xx_import_xfer_gl_iface_api.transfer_to_gl

In the process, feel free to modify the code as you wish. Also feel free to add new parameters to the given code, as per your business requirement.

Anil Passi
written by priya , August 03, 2007
Yor work is really appreciable.
Dou you have any Technical design documnet for Migraton of legacy assets data into
oracle fixed assets
written by Anil Passi , August 03, 2007
Hi Priya

I am afraid I dont have the piece of code that you are looking for.

written by aneel , August 27, 2007
Hi Anil,

Can you please write some more articles in Oracle Projects and integration with other modules. I am excited to publish some of the papers on Oracle HRMS, please let me know the process.

written by Krishnab , August 28, 2007
How You Will display the key flexifields in your report?
xma gateway code
written by krishna , November 14, 2007
pls provide xml gateway code
Kindly send me GL, AP and AR Pratice doucments
written by sravanapatasatishkumar , November 27, 2007
Hi Anil,

My satish is satish kumar and i have recently completed Oracle Financials.kindly send me some Pratice documents on GL, AP, AR and Purchasing.

S.Satish Kumar
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