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Costing in Oracle HRMS Payroll | Print |  E-mail
Written by Sanjay Singh   
Sunday, 28 October 2007
Sanjay is an eBusiness Suite Consultant that works for a leading Indian consultancy.
He was involved in implementing Oracle Payroll for a Financial Services company in India.
In this article, he provides step by step screenshots to setup Payroll Costing in Oracle.

Please find attached the two Documents related to Payroll Costing from Sanjay.

1. Costing in HRMS: Describes what is Costing and what are the important points related to Costing in Oracle Payroll
    Use this link to access this document

2. Costing Example: This document gives a brief description of Costing and how it is done and executed with example.
    Use this link to access this document

Comments (4)add
Good Document
written by Bhatt Omkar , October 29, 2007
Hi Sanjay,

The dcoument posted by you is a reaaly good one with full of information. I hope we see more documents from you.

written by Sivakumar Ganesan , October 30, 2007

The Published Doc is good. Can you provide the suggested oracle methodology of accounting if you are aware of in the following case.

In manufacturing module, when you added the Resource Labor cost into Production, it creates an accounting entry
Dr Resource Expenses A/c
Cr Resource absorption A/c.

If I do not use Payroll, I can debit Resource absorption account and credit the Salaraies account which will reduce my salary cost which has already been included in my cost of Production

If I am using Payroll, then Payroll also generates an accounting Entry
Dr Salary A/c
Cr Salary payable A/c

So now if you see there are two credits for the same account one as Resource absorption and other coming from payroll as Salary Payables A/c.

I know there is a workaround that instead of debiting the Salary account in Payroll Elements, I can put Resource Absorption account. This will solve the issue.

I would like to know if you have any idea what is the suggested methodolgy by Oracle in this case.

There is no clear explanation in Payroll Userguide nor in MFG User guide. I did posted to Metalink Forum, No response so for.

If you have any idea please let me know


Good Article !
written by Wahida Kazi , October 30, 2007
Hello Sanjay,

It is a very informative article Sanjay. Good Work ! Nice to see some one exclusively writting about Costing.
Keep it up !
fast formulas
written by Ramkumar , November 02, 2007
can u please write an article on fast formulas in payroll and OAB module in hrms
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