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Contingent Worker in Oracle HRMS | Print |  E-mail
Written by Rathan   
Sunday, 30 September 2007
Contingent Worker

Rathan is an Oracle eBusiness Suite Consultant, with extensive experience across various modules in Oracle Human Resource Suite.
In this article, he outlines the basics of Contingent Worker and also outlines the steps for creating Contingent Workers in Oracle HRMS.

1. Contingent Workers (Third party Staff) are the ones for who are hired through a vendor, for purposes like Cleaning Staff, Security Staff, Floor Staff etc.
2. Contingent Workers are the ones for whom the company does not run a payroll, but their names and identity are recorded in the system.
3. The vendors are solely responsible for the payroll of these Contingent Workers.
4. For a Contingent Worker the assignment Screen is disabled since he is of person type = "CWK" and their HR details are recorded in the system but assignment details are disabled.
5. They have very limited HR processes actually impacting them because most of the HR stuff are handled by the vendor themselves.
6. Real-time example " if a team has gone on client side to work say from India to Australia , these people are recorded in the client screen for issuing passes and accesses but the client does not run a payroll for these people so these people are contingent workers"
7. In applications you have person type = Employee, Applicant & other, Select "other" to create Contingent worker.
8. If you are trying to generate custom number generation for all Contingent worker , then in the fast formula include the clause " if person_type='CWK' then ,........." would generate your desired number. It depends on fast formula what kind of number you want to generate.

Keep watching, Rathan has promised to contribute more of his knowledge base via articles on Oracle HRMS Suite.
Comments (9)add
written by a guest , October 01, 2007
Very nice to get the information about the Contingent Worker. We would like to know more of what you have learnt in Oracle Applications. smilies/smiley.gif
written by a guest , October 01, 2007
hi anil/rathan
i have a doubt about the fact of assignment being disabled for CWK Workers.I have done some work on CWK Workers for whom assignment was not disabled.yes the are not on the company's payroll but they too can have an active assignment.
written by a guest , October 01, 2007
Hi rathan
Its really nice that we came to know about Contingent workers in brief and the way they should be dealt with in the system.
written by Jalal Talib , October 20, 2007
Dear anil/rathan,
Thank you for your article.
I have tested this under vision instacne and i foud out that the assignment screen is opened but the payroll and the grade are disabled.
I think there is more for CWK regrading SSHR, procurement approval.
I would like to define them as employee and give a specific assignment category like contractor.

written by MAK , January 22, 2008
I would like to know that which are the topics included in HRMS Module and can you plz write the article for HRMS functional from the scrach?Because I am going to learn the HRMS functional module and I don't have the detail knowledge about that.
HRMS Functional Module
written by Rathan , January 23, 2008
Hello MAK
Sure i will put some topics for u for HRMS module from scratch ,... smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Rao , February 28, 2008
Hi Rathan/anil
first,i would like to thank all, who are giving their valuable and important articles to us.

if possible,please give me brief introduction on indirect results in fast formulas.
Indirect Results in fast formulas
written by Rathan , February 28, 2008
Hello Rao
First of all thank you for all those people who read our articles , which encourages us to put more efforts . Coming to indirect results in fast formulas , sure i will put a brief account about it very soon.If you think any other topic would help others , please feel free to bring it on , because it not only helps people who go through it but also important for us in revisiting the very same.
Lastly keep up the learning spirit.
Absence Mgt for CWK
written by Maddy , March 13, 2008

thx for your article, nice one. and i had a doubt,
Pl let me know how to maintain the Absence Management of CWK's.


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