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Connect jDeveloper to SOA Servers | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Monday, 08 January 2007
In this article, I will show you how to connect your jDeveloper to the SOA Servers. This includes  connecting to Application Server, Oracle Lite Database and BPEL PM. I hope you have read the article on SOA Install Validation at link
I have two installations of jDeveloper
First:- jDeveloper 10g that got Installed standalone from Technet Website
Second:- jDeveloper 10g that got installed by Oracle SOA Suite Companion CD.

I decided to use standalone install.
Why So? Because in most installations BPEL server will be on a remote machine, and developers would end up installing just the jDeveloper on their PC.
[with their BPEL server running on the network machine].

Establish Connection to Oracle Lite Database from jDeveloper 10g
Using jDeveloper, we need to ensure that you can establish connection to OracleLite database.
Follow the instructions in below link, and ensure that you are able to connect to Oracle Lite Database used by BPEL.
Follow the above instructions until you get SUCCESS connecting to the database. Effectively we have successfully managed to validate a connection with OracleLite database that comes pre-installed with SOA Suite.

Establish Connection to Application Server from jDeveloper
Step 1
. Right click on Application Server and select New Connection

Note that I am using AnilAppServerConn with Type Standalone OC4J 10.1.3
Step 2. Click next and type Username/Password oc4jadmin/xx23xx23
I checked the Deploy Password checkbox.
Step 3. Host Name localhost, with RMI Port 12401
Note: In the previous training article, we had noted down this port number.
Please refer to http://oracle.anilpassi.com/validate-your-soa-suite-install-on-pc.html in case you wish to know your RMI Port Number.
Step 4. Click on Next, and Test Connection

Establish Connection to BPEL PM Server from jDeveloper
Step 1
. Right click on Integration Server and select New Connection

Step 2. I gave the name as AnilBPELServerConn and clicked on Next.

Step 3. You will notice that the Application Server Connection details have been defaulted from the previous step.
Step4. Click next again and test your connection, it takes few seconds and shows progress %.
The end result will be a response of OK as below.

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More about Fusion
written by N.Kumar , October 30, 2007
Hi Anil,

Many thanks for your vaulable addition.
Can you please tell me more about fusion.I mean in fusion what methodology we are going to use.i heared that most of our coding part will be in java instead of pl/sql and what about oracle forms, reports and workflows.

Thanks in Advance
written by Anil Passi , October 30, 2007
Hi Naresh

Fusion Apps will be released in two phases.
In first phase, they will still use PL/SQL

However in next version of Fusion, it will be all Java and of course XML


Integration server problem
written by Akash , January 21, 2008
Hi Anil,

Thanks for your great help. I am following steps suggested by you to setup Integration Server. In create integration server option: I have selected the AppServer conn I have created then for other 2 fields (Host Name- localhost, PortNumber-888smilies/cool.gif do I have to keep the default values or do I need to change it? As the last step of Test is failing.

Integration server problem
written by Akash , January 21, 2008
Please ignore the my question. As I got it working just the wrong port number.

Once again thanks for all your work.
Why we are creating Standalone OC4J connection, instead of Oralce ApplicationServer connection?
written by Shaik Khaleel , March 19, 2008
Last night I have installed and i am able to connection by making Application Server 10.1.3 connextion. I didn't get why we have to choose the StandAlone OC4J, I guess standalone OC4J works for 11g? Could you please suggest me?

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