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Audit Changes in Oracle HRMS | Print |  E-mail
Written by Anil Passi   
Monday, 05 November 2007
To enable auditing in Oracle Human Resources is merely a 15minutes job.
Please find below, a step by step example that enables Auditing in Oracle HRMS.
This article is a proof of concept for auditing in Oracle HRMS, as it ends with showing the data from HR_AUDITS and HR_AUDIT_COLUMNS.

Note that all the audit screens in System Administrator responsibility are located in Menu Path /Security/AuditTrail/Groups

Step 1. From system administrator, Enable Auditing for Oracle HRMS Application.

To do this, navigate to AuditTrail Install in System Administrator.

Next, query on Oracle Username HR and then enable the Audit Enabled check-box.


Step 2. From system administrator, Create a audit group that contains PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F

In this proof of concept, we will see how changes to First Name and Last name of a person are being audited.

Navigate to Audit Group screen in System Administrator, and create an "Audit Group" as show below.

Step 3. From System Administrator responsibility, add the desired columns that you wish to audit upon on table PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F

Step 4. Again in System Administrator, Run Concurrent program “AuditTrail Update Tables” as shown below.

Step 5. Next, login to HRMS Superuser and run concurrent program “Audit Trail Update Datetracked Tables”

This again is a one off step that must be implemented when you have made changes to Audit Groups/Tables/Column lists.


Step 6. Change the name of a person from Aneel to Anil, from person entry screen.


Step 7. Schedule the concurrent program “Audit Report” Oracle HRMS Superuser

In this example, I am passing it parameter PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F

By running the process “Audit Report”, data from shadow Audit tables [ <table_name>_A ] will be moved into HRMS Audit Tables.


Step 8. Next, query the data from HR_AUDITS and HR_AUDIT_COLUMNS

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thank's anil
written by salmiah , November 06, 2007
Very nice example to audit some major hr table, please send me allows mail for HR
auditing per_all_assignments_f
written by Omar Khalid , November 07, 2007
Hi Anil,

Nice POC, but i just tried these steps with the per_all_assignments_f table and as expected it was auditing the ID(s) i.e POSITION_ID , JOB_ID etc the ID(s) changes will not be useful when presented in the Standard Audit Report to the users. Can you please provide any tips on how to show the e.g. POSITION_NAME , JOB_NAME when changes are made to per_all_assignments_f in any standard oracle Audit reports? or will we have to write our own oracle reports for this?

Good Explaination speacially the table side of Audit
written by Wahida Kazi , November 07, 2007
Hello ANil,
It is very good Explaination specially the table side of the Audit (for the people at technical level). The Best part it was very systematic but when I tried to save to .pdf format, the screen shot does not get saved. I wonder why ! as it is only saving 1 page.
Are there only two tables as Hr_audit and Hr_audit_columns will get affected for parent child relationship and not more than that ?

written by Anil Passi , November 07, 2007
Hi Omar

You might need to do your own joins to report in that manner. But the data will all there for youe

Hi Wahida

Yes these two tables will give you all that you required

written by ved , November 12, 2007
Hi Anil,
I am new in apps. can u send me the documentation of workflow from basic.

written by SUDIPTA CHATTOPADHYAY , November 13, 2007
Thanks Anil, for this wonderful topics. I have make us of it and it really works!!
Salary hold
written by ramya , November 19, 2007
hello anil...iam ramya...
its not related to audit report.
i have a doubt and didnt know where to ask so....
i would like to know what is salary hold and release salary hold elements do and how do we write a fast formula for it...and which cases do we run these elements.

salary hold
written by ramya , November 19, 2007
will c for ur reply in my mail..
thank you
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